The second interleague weekend was marred by complaints regarding the tables and the organisation. An enormous amount of effort went into giving most people an enjoyable weekend.

This has prompted the Chairman, Garry Speller, to resign forthwith.

The Secretary, Chris Saville, strongly refutes any criticism of the standard of admin and has received several emails congratulating Dover and Deal on a splendid weekend. Chris Saville has decided not to continue as KBBA Secretary from the next AGM and will not be running any more interleague weekends.

A brief history of what went into running this weekend.

  1. Weeks before - Order tables and book hall.
  2. Weeks before - Order trophies.
  3. Weeks before - Publish entry forms.
  4. Liaise with league Secretaries as to who is attending.
  5. Get final knock-out entries in, then can't start schedule as there are always late entries.
  6. Wednesday before - Spend all afternoon making triangles for alternate rules.
  7. Thursday before - Spend all afternoon rewriting 'B' Interleague schedule because the existing one is too long and get it into the computer programme.
  8. Friday, visit pub and make sure hall is ok and tables are ok. Check lights and P.A.are ok
  9. Friday, go to shops to buy raffle prizes and raffle books.
  10. Organise team for table setting.
  11. Organise trophy collection.
  12. Friday, get engineers level, specially bought for barbills and go to hall and spend all evening clearing the hall and levelling tables.
  13. Saturday 0900hrs, Get old printer and laptop and P.A. system from loft, kept specially for this, load lights from garage.
  14. Saturday 1000hrs head for hall, iron and reset tables, set up equipment and wait for first problems.
  15. Organise draw to suit preferences of leagues, one's late and wants to eat first, one's got players stuck elsewhere, not a problem we are all (at least most of us) are here to enjoy ourselves.
  16. Run competition until 1900hrs, continually opening windows for ventilation, whilst others keep closing them. Badger people all day to buy raffle tickets as its essential to cover the costs.
  17. After everyone else has gone, brush, iron and reset tables. Go and get a takeaway as too knackered to cook.
  18. Sunday 1000hrs, back to hall again to set up for another day. ditto on the organisation.
  19. Sunday 2100hrs, Take down tables, clear hall and put it back to former condition.
  20. Monday after, feeling like you've gone ten rounds with Lennox Lewis, put away lights, P.A. system etc. Then spend all afternoon correlating stats and updating website with photo album and stats.
  21. Tuesday after, work out finances and go to bank to pay in money, arrange for trophies bill to be paid.


I wish whoever is brave enough to take this on all the best and they need to be thick skinned.