Minutes of KBBA A.G.M. 2002

at the Towns Club Sittingbourne 19th September 2002.

The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 2016hrs.


Present;          Vice Chairman & Acting Chairman       Garry Speller

                        Acting Secretary                                   Chris Saville

                        Acting Treasurer                                   Janie Macoy.


Maidstone;                   Steve Kendall.

Tunbridge Wells;         

Medway;                      Jackie Peckham, Diana Welburn, Tony Earl, Dave May, Gerry Peckham, Diana Welburn

Dover & Deal;              Anne Keen.     


Apologies For Absence;

Gill Saville.


Minutes of Previous A.G.M. 14th October 2001 at the Towns Club.

After due time for comment it was proposed by Ann Keen and seconded by Tony Earl that they be accepted. – carried unanimously.


Matters Arising;

Janie Macoy asked about the actual officers appointed at the last AGM, in that Steve Purkiss was Chairman. Chris Saville informed her that the current officers had stood in when she and Steve Purkiss had resigned. Janie disputed that she had resigned, Chris Saville showed her the minutes of the appropriate meeting.


Tony Earl asked about SCBBA, Chris Saville informed the meeting that he had written to Simon Tinto to no effect.


Diana Welburn asked whether Chris Saville had received the half of the honorarium offered by Janie Macoy at the previous AGM for his help. Chris said he had received nothing.



The Acting Secretary C.S. had no correspondence.


President’s Address;

The President declined the opportunity to make an address.


Secretary’s Report; (as dictated and given by Chris Saville as the acting Secretary).

A brief report tonight, a very good friend of mine received some news of the worst kind this morning and so I decided it was more important to spend time with him and sacrifice preparation time for this evening.


Kent has a national champion again this year with Jan Taylor winning the All England Ladies for the sixth tine in ten years. Di Welburn represented us at the All England open and won two of her group matches.


The ‘A’ interleague was won by the original Dover and Deal (East) side for the first time in 25 years. The ‘B’ was won by Medway. All three were played at the Alma and were very successful days. The knock outs day was enjoyed by all present. The Ladies Pairs was won by Ann Keen and Liz Skillen, The Over 50’s by Dave Carliel, the under 22’s by Wayne Wells and the Alternate Rules by Jackie Peckham.


The intercounties has not been played since our last AGM so there are no results to report. Selection has been much easier this year with the new system, but the Open side has again been plagued by unavailability of top players. Three have dropped out in the last few days.


The KBBA site on Yahoo continues to operate and any info I get goes on there.


Finally and sadly our game continues to decline with fewer and fewer players. It is up to you people to sell the game and try to get new players and venues. None of the table companies push our game and Bar Billiards Ltd are looking at the viability of keeping so few tables operating. So its up to you, bring new ideas into the game and push people into playing, if you don’t it will certainly die.


Treasurers Report;

Peter Mercer not being present, and all efforts to contact him having failed, Janie Macoy presented the current balance. She had transferred £149 to the Community account (existing balance £89), cheques for £245 had been paid in to give a total balance of£482.31


Jackie Peckham asked about have new signatories fro the account and Janie furnished the appropriate transfer mandate for the new officers.


Chris Saville produced the interleague balances to show that Dover and Deal were owed £61.99 and that there was a small trophy bill for approximately £10.


Tony Earl suggested that we start with a clean slate and start accounting properly again. The Chairman asked the meeting to propose that we start new accounts from now and all outstanding items to be included in the new account. This was proposed by Di Welburn and seconded by Jackie Peckham and was carried unanimously. Chris Saville said he would record a vote of thanks to Janie for filling in the details.



There were none.


Election of Officers;

Garry Speller indicated that he would be prepared to formally assume the chair, Di Welburn had offered to be Treasurer at the previous meeting. Chris Saville reluctantly agreed to assume the role of Secretary and indicated that Gill Saville would continue as Minutes Secretary. Steve Kendall offered to stand as Vice Chairman. There being no other volunteers. The signatories for the accounts will be any two from the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Dave May proposed that these people be voted into office en bloc, this was seconded by Jackie Peckham and carried unanimously.


Secretary’s Honorarium;

The Secretary suggested to the meeting that, with the continued contraction of the organisation and the resultant lightening of the Secretary’s workload, the current honorarium was too high, he then left the meeting. The Honorarium was set at £125.


Life Vice Presidents;

There were no new proposals.


AEBBA Affiliation;

Jackie Peckham queried what would happen if we had fewer leagues, Chris Saville said this would not be a problem as both Hampshire and Northants only had one league.


It was proposed by Steve Kendall and seconded by Tony Earl that we remain affiliated, this was carried unanimously.


SCBBA Affiliation.

It was agreed that we KBBA consider SCBBA to be defunct. Chris Saville said he would get the names of the other Southern Counties Secretaries and write to them re formally winding up the association.


Any Other Business;

Ann Keen asked about the names of the Ladies representing KBBA at the Intercounties. Di Welburn informed the meeting of the names.

Fees; It was reported that they are as follows; individuals £5, Team K.O.’s £10, affiliation fees £2 per team and interleagues £15/£12 for open/ladies. The treasurer reported no need to increase these, there being no proposal, they will remain the same.


The Secretary informed the meeting that tables had been provisionally booked for next years interleagues ‘A’/Ladies 15th/16th  Feb. ‘B’ and Knockouts Day 26th/27th April. All of February was available but this was the only week in April. The Secretary said the Alma would be available, but asked whether any other league wished to tender for either weekend. Tony Earl said that Medway were interested but had not received an answer on their venue. There was discussion on formats if either Maidstone or Tunbridge Wells should fold or the Ladies not take place. Chris Saville suggested running the Kent Pairs in place of the Ladies if necessary. It was agreed we could only progress on the basis of the current members. The Chairman said that a decision needed to be made today and that the Alma had been good to the association. It was proposed by Dave May that Dover and Deal host both, this was seconded by Tony Earl and passed unanimously.


Janie Macoy then received several text messages that amounted to Peter Mercer was going to call on her on Sunday and try to produce as much handover info for Di Welburn, the new Treasurer, as possible.


Chris Saville informed the meeting that AEBBA were considering moving the AEBBA Open Singles Finals to April.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting;

Thursday January 16th at the Towns Club, starting 200hrs. The Secretary will be circulating knockout entries for this meeting.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 2146hrs.