Minutes of KBBA A.G.M. 2005

at the Towns Club Sittingbourne 9th  September 2005.

The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 2030hrs.

Present;             Chairman                                 David May (Medway)

                            Secretary                                Chris Saville (D & D)

                            Treasurer                                  Di Welburn

                            President                                 Janie Macoy


Maidstone;                   Not represented,         

Tunbridge Wells;           Greg Dennis, Dave Warren.

Medway;                      Garry Speller (Vice Chair), Tony Earl, Jackie Peckham, Steve Purkiss.

Dover & Deal;              Anne Keen, Craig Carlson.

The Secretary advised the meeting of the voting procedure of three votes per league, inclusive of officers and furnished each league with an up to date copy of the rule book.


Apologies For Absence;

Peter Sainsbury.


Minutes of Previous A.G.M. 23rd September 2004 at the Towns Club.

The minutes had been circulated in advance and everybody except Janie Macoy had read them. The Secretary gave her a copy. It was proposed by Ann Keen and seconded by Craig Carlson that they be accepted. – carried unanimously.


Matters Arising;

Ann Keen asked whether Medway had found the missing Ladies Interleague trophy. Medway advised no. The secretary also informed the meeting that the 'A' interleague trophy was one of several D&D trophies missing at the Alma. It was generally agreed that, what trophies we still had mostly needed repair or renewal and we should start a program to bring them up to scratch and replace the missing ones.


The Secretary apologized for not preparing a list of registered teams and players, he would do so.



There was none,

President’s Address;

The President thanked Chris Saville in particular for his hard work for KBBA and also Di Welburn as Treasurer and all who have helped KBBA function through the year. She said she was also disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm to represent Kent in the AEBBA intercounty and other competitions. She also requested that all leagues had a hunt for any of the missing KBBA trophies


Secretary’s Report (as dictated);

Good evening this is the Secretary’s report for 2004-05.


Nationally, we still have the mad crush of all competitions over these few weeks due to the massive increases in table hire charges. Di Welburn and I represented KBBA in the Open singles and the ladies but did not qualify from our groups. Rose & Crown Tunbridge Wells represented us in the National Pub team winning one match and narrowly failed to qualify from their group.


Intercounties last year once again saw a KBBA side devoid of several top players, particularly in the Open. The Open side one again survived relegation by a whisker, Alan Farra won three out of four in a generally disappointing display, myself included. The ladies ‘A’ side were unfortunately relegated despite Di Welburn’s 100% record on the day. We also fielded a ‘B’ team in the Open for the first time for experience, though none of the players won more than 50% of their games.


I qualified for the top 16 Grand Prix Masters did not qualify from my group.


The ‘A’ interleague was won by Tunbridge Wells, well done to them, with Dover & Deal winning the ‘B’. The Ladies Interleague was won by Tunbridge Wells.  The knock outs day was again well supported. Mike Callanan won the Over 50’s and with myself the Open Pairs. The under 22’s title went to Phil Skillen. The Alternate Rules was won by Kevin Pringle.


The KBBA web page has continued to be the principal source for info on all matters and entry forms, saving me a massive amount of work posting forms, most of which are a waste of printing. You also will note from the Treasurer’s report that there are again no Secretary’s expenses this year. It is only because of this reduced workload format that I will continue doing this job.


The trailer and tables project is close to completion and has involved high personal expense, having now bought nine competition tables, traveling the length and breadth of the country to get them. The best eight will be my table stock. Dover and Deal financed the excellent trailer we now own. The tables will be non profit making, but must attract enough income to fund repairs and recovering to both tables and trailer. I have expense sheets as promised for last year, when we had six tables. I have since bought three more and had some income from a hire to AEBBA. Any future hire charges must reflect my own costs (additional petrol and accommodation) as I will insist on supervising any use of them, but will still be considerably cheaper than the table companies


Finally the game continues to decline around us. The future of the interleagues is now secure provided there are enough teams to warrant the Alma opening up all day. The hall there is back to what it was I am pleased to say. Apathy still rules throughout the County, apart from those few here tonight. Please keep doing what you can to keep things going. 


Garry Speller thanked the Secretary for his work and questioned the need for the tables balance sheet. The secretary said that he had heard mumbles on his possible profiteering out of KBBA over the tables project and that he felt a need to make public that it was non profit making and what had gone into it.


Treasurers Report;

The treasurer presented the accounts and outlined the financial position saying that she was concerned that we had shown a deficit of £100 over the year. Tony Earl pointed out that only £50 of this was actual deficit. The Treasurer requested that affiliation fees be reinstated. The secretary said that this was not possible constitutionally as it had not been included on the agenda. He said that  the meeting should consider raising interleague fees which was part of the normal agenda. Greg Dennis added that KBBA would only benefit by half of any interleague fee increase. The meeting decided that, as there was a financial problem it had to be discussed. The secretary said that he felt it was detrimental to the association as he felt Maidstone would not affiliate. It was proposed by Di Welburn and seconded by Garry Speller that the £2 per team affiliation fee be reinstated. This was carried with one vote against.  It was proposed by Garry Speller and seconded by Greg Dennis that the accounts be adopted, this was passed unanimously with a vote of thanks to Di Welburn.



1)      KBBA Open & Ladies Singles to be run as a tournament of champions. Dave May outlined Medway's proposal to try to increase interest in these competitions after there had only been three entrants in total this year. Janie Macoy said that she had not known about the Ladies. The secretary said she had been emailed and failing that she should have contacted her league secretary or got the forms off the website.


There was long and lengthy discussion over, lack of neutral tables, one day / progressive competition, division 1 & division 2 champs,  when to hold it as a one day comp, cost of tables, likelihood of people actually turning up,  championship winners or if not runners up, league nominated players. holding it in Maidstone whether or not they affiliated, pub tables not being neutral, players being more likely to attend a one day tournament.


The Chairman called a halt and asked for a firm proposition. Greg Dennis suggested holding the tournament on the same day as the Tunbridge Wells Masters, the day before the Classic. The proposal was formulated that this be a tournament of champions (or runners-up, or league nominated person) played on the day of the Tunbridge Wells Masters with an entry fee of £5 per league per competition. This was carried unanimously.


The Chairman adjourned the meeting for a five minute drinks break at 2125hrs


Election of Officers;

All officers had offered to stand. It proposed by Greg Dennis, seconded by Steve Purkiss and passed unanimously that the officers be voted in en-bloc.


Secretary’s Honorarium;

The Secretary left the meeting.  On return he was informed that the Honorarium would remain at £125. This was proposed by Janie Macoy and seconded by Steve Purkiss.


Life Vice Presidents;

The secretary informed the meeting of the current LVP's and said that this honorary award was given to people who had made an outstanding contribution to KBBA. Greg Dennis proposed that this meritorious award be conferred on Peter Sainsbury for his work in resurrecting the Kent Classic and his continued support of the organization, this was seconded by Di Welburn and passed unanimously.


AEBBA Affiliation;

It was proposed by Steve Purkiss  and seconded by Janie Macoy that we remain affiliated, this was carried unanimously.



Chris Saville informed the meeting that he had forgotten to bring this up with the other Southern Counties secretaries at the Intercounties due to his heavy workload in emergency supplying tables to AEBBA on the day. The chairman backed this up. It was agreed that the Southern Counties treasurer, Janie Macoy, inform the secretary of the current balance in the SCBBA account and he make contact with the other secretaries and agree to wind the association up.


KBBA Competitions.


Interleagues; There was discussion on the additional cost of hiring tables from Chris Saville should he have to drive to deliver them. Dover and Deal were the only league offering to hold the interleagues and thus would be awarded them. Having access to Chris Saville’s tables we would continue the old format of ‘A’ / Ladies one weekend and ‘B’ / KBBA KO another. The weekends being split a month apart at the Alma. Chris Saville suggested that KBBA stay a fortnight clear of Easter and asked the meeting's feelings on the pros and cons of using the Mayday bank holiday weekend for the knockouts to help those who like to stay in Deal. Both these points were agreed 


The dates agreed were

Saturday  1st April 2006     ‘A’ Interleague.

Sunday    2nd April 2006     Ladies Interleague.

Saturday  29th April 2006   ‘B’ Interleague

Sunday    30th April  2006   KBBA KO’s day.


Tunbridge Wells would continue to run the Classic on a date at the start of July.


Any Other Business;

Greg Dennis informed the meeting of Tunbridge Wells inclusion as associate members of the Sussex Bar Billiard Association to facilitate their inclusion in the Sussex interleagues. He also informed the meeting of the successful day when Tunbridge Wells had hosted a leg of the Northants Eight Counties challenge. The secretary thanked him for reminding him as he had forgotten he had made a donation on behalf of Kent!

Ann Keen informed the meeting that the Ladies Open in Surrey would be on 19th march at Frenchies Club.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting;

It was felt that no meeting before next August was necessary unless a situation arose that could not be dealt with via web meeting or interleagues. The next meeting was provisionally fixed for Sunday 20th August. The venue was to be announced  and the secretary would take a look at the motorway service station as a possible easy access venue.


The Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 2205hrs.