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Minutes of KBBA A.G.M. 2006

at the Plough & Harrow, Bridge on  10th  September 2006.

The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 2015hrs.

Present;             Chairman                                 David May (Medway)

                            Secretary                                Chris Saville (D & D)

                            Treasurer                                Di Welburn


Maidstone;                   Not currently affiliated        

Tunbridge Wells;          Not represented

Medway;                      Tony Earl, Jackie Peckham, Gerry Peckham.

Dover & Deal;             .


The Secretary advised the meeting of the voting procedure of three votes per league, but there would not be problem tonight as no league had more than three voters


Apologies For Absence;

Janie Macoy (President), Peter Sainsbury. Garry Speller (Vice Chair), Anne Keen, Craig Carlson


Minutes of Previous A.G.M. 9th October 2005 at the Towns Club.

The minutes had been circulated in advance but the secretary furnished a copy to those people who required one. After a suitable pause it was proposed by Jackie Peckham and seconded by Tony Earl that they be accepted. – carried unanimously.


Matters Arising;

Jackie Peckham pointed out that the Ladies Interleague trophy had been found and asked about the main interleague trophy. The secretary explained that some of the missing trophies had been recovered from the Alma, but the interleague was not amongst them. He said that the good news was that the KBBA team trophy had been found at the Chantry Club and he intended using that as a replacement as the team competition was only contested by a couple of teams at best and was now only a precursor to the NBBA pub team finals. The secretary is to inform the treasurer of the suitability.



There was none,


President’s Address;

The secretary had talked to the president today and she had tendered her apologies. She had nothing else she wished conveyed to the meeting


Secretary’s Report (as dictated);


Good evening this is the Secretary’s report for 2005-06.


Nationally,  all of this is almost a year old now due to the current playing AEBBA format. Open Intercounties we survived in division 1 with Alan Farra winning three out of four, the ladies were relegated even though Di Welburn had a 100% record. Once again, in the open, it was a question of getting those players who were willing to give their time for Kent rather than those who were top of the rankings. I question whether it is worth the effort of trying to get teams to Reading. More on that later under the agenda.


Individuals were a fairly blank year. AEBBA open singles, I failed to qualify despite winning the most legs in  my group. Di was second in her group. Kelsey Arms did not qualify in the NBBA Pub Team. I was quarter finalist at Jersey and runner-up in the AEBBA alternate rules, apart from that there is little to report. 


The ‘A’ & ‘B’ interleagues were won by Medway for the first time in many years, well done to them,. The Ladies Interleague was won by Tunbridge Wells.  The knock outs day was again well supported. Mark Foster won the Over 50’s and the Alternate Rules, Craig Carlson & Derek Latham the Open Pairs. The under 22’s title went to Nick Wren.


The KBBA web page has continued to be the principal source for info on all matters and entry forms, saving me a massive amount of work posting forms, most of which are a waste of printing. You also will note from the Treasurer’s report that there are again no Secretary’s expenses this year. It is only because of this reduced workload format that I will continue doing this job.


The trailer and tables project has produced the first use of eight Jelkes competition tables, though it has not covered costs this year. I have bought five heavy duty tyres for the trailer and built a much better set of lights. I will continue to improve the standard of the tables as time and finances allow. They played very well at the Kent Classic with five 20k breaks. Only one table caused problems and that has already been replaced.


The Betteshanger Club has proved to be a fine venue for the interleagues and, hopefully, should be available free of charge next year.


Finally, my main concern is the viability of this association and the willingness of the leagues to support its aims of promoting the game. The knock outs day continues to be well supported, especially by Medway, but apart from that, I feel that we are at a bigger crossroads than just over five years ago when concerns for the future of KBBA were expressed. I have tried to assemble an open county and ‘B’ side for Reading without the courtesy of a reply to player nomination requests from either Tunbridge Wells or Medway. I had hoped to ring around on return from my holiday last weekend, but problems over Gill’s health have had to come first. We do not currently have an Open side for two weeks time. I have been forced to warn AEBBA we may not be there. Do you want to continue this association??  


Treasurers Report;

The treasurer presented the accounts and outlined the financial position saying that she the balance had remained approximately the same during the year, but that no fees had been paid for AEBBA comps due to last year’s AGM being after the competitions. The secretary said that the interleagues would be cheaper this year as there would be little or no charge for the hall. The treasurer said that there would be no need to increase affiliation fees this year. It was proposed by Jackie Peckham and seconded by Gerry Peckham that this be accepted and that the accounts were a true record – passed unanimously.



1)          It was proposed by Chris Saville and seconded by Craig Carlson that KBBA adopt the simpler AEBBA tie breaker rule of points/matches won/aggregate score. This followed the problem of Tunbridge Wells being awarded the interleague runners up over Dover & Deal because no one could remember the exact wording of the seven clauses in the KBBA rule and used the AEBBA rule instead. This was carried unanimously.

2)          The secretary informed the meeting that Tunbridge Wells AGM had requested a proposal regarding inter county team selection to be submitted, but the new TW secretary had not managed to do so. The Chairman decided to accept the proposal for discussion. This was that the inter county sides be picked by the captain and a manager from a different league. Following discussion it was considered that the current system was fairest and unbiased and that one league would not be represented in any discussion under the proposal. The proposal was rejected unanimously


 Election of Officers;

All officers had offered to stand. It proposed by Jackie Peckham, seconded by Gerry Peckham and passed unanimously that the officers be voted in en-bloc.


Secretary’s Honorarium;

The Secretary pointed out that, without him there, a quorum did not exist. Thus no change could be made and that he was happy with the current honorarium. The chairman agreed with this assessment, so no change was made.


Life Vice Presidents;

The secretary informed the meeting of the current LVP's and said that this honorary award was given to people who had made an outstanding contribution to KBBA or had left office recently. He suggested that the meeting might like to confer this meritorious award on Greg Dennis who had recently emigrated to Australia. Greg had been Tunbridge Wells secretary and instrumental with Peter Sainsbury in resurrecting the Kent Classic. This was seconded by Di Welburn and passed unanimously with the best wishes of the meeting for his future in Australia..


AEBBA Affiliation;

It was proposed by Chris Saville  and seconded by Tony Earl that we remain affiliated, subject to there not being a large increase, this was carried unanimously.


 The Chairman adjourned the meeting for a five minute drinks break at 2105hrs


AEBBA Inter County Selection.

The secretary advised that no other league had replied to his request for wildcard nominations or players for an open ‘B’ side. Personal problems had prevented him chasing people since his return from holiday. As such we did not have a side for two weeks time and he had warned the AEBBA tournament director of the problem.

1)          Ladies, the secretary said that thre three automatic places had gone to the first three on the list, Jackie Peckham, Ann Keen & Janie Macoy. Karen Keen was the next highest player to indicate availability and it was agreed she be included. Medway would ask Jean Baker if she would be the fifth player. If she declined Janie Macoy would be contacted to ask Marina Morrison or Marion Wraight.

2)          Open, The secretary reported that once again he was having trouble finding players. Mark Brewster, Chris Saville, Vinny Mitchell & Alan Farra had accepted. Doug Phillips had not responded to the invitation. He had talked to Peter Sainsbury who indicated his & Neal Chamberlain’s availability. Dover & Deal said Kevin Pringle was available. The meeting decided on the order of KP/PS/NC. Secretary to contact Peter Sainsbury and confirm the TW players depending on Doug Phillips.

3)          Open ‘B’ Side; Medway said Gerry Fitzjohn,Charlie Hallett, Russ Millford & Dave may would all like to play. The secretary said that D & D AGM was Tuesday and he had asked Craig Carlson for nominations, he would see him on Tuesday.




The secretary and treasurer informed the meeting that there was no record of any refund of SCBBA assets with the association being wound up. Treasurer to query this with the SCBBA treasurer.


KBBA Competitions.


Interleagues; It was generally agreed that Betteshanger had been an excellent venue. The secretary informed the meeting that hire costs should be little or nothing this year as Dover & Deal were now part of the welfare scheme. He questioned whether it was the will of the association to continue them given the dwindling numbers. The meeting was unanimous in wishing to continue the weekends. The hall being available it was agreed that the Knockouts day and ‘B’ interleague be on  Sunday & Monday of the start of may Bank Holiday weekend. This change had been forced on us last year by the closure of the Alma, but it was generally agreed to be a good move. It was also agreed that having then ‘A’ & ladies on the same day last year had been very successful. Tony Earl then suggested doing the lot on the bank holiday weekend and this was wholeheartedly supported by Chris Saville. This was agreed unanimously.


The dates agreed were

Saturday  5th May 2007     ‘A’ Interleague.

Saturday    5th 2007     Ladies Interleague.

Monday  7th May 2007   ‘B’ Interleague

Sunday    6th May  2007   KBBA KO’s day.


Tunbridge Wells would continue to run the Classic whenever they decided.


Any Other Business;

Di Welburn asked regarding last years experiment of a tournament of champions to decide the KBBA individuals champions, Medway were highly supportive of the idea saying it had doubled their singles entries, Dover & Deal said there was no interest in the KBBA singles apart from Chris Saville. It was agreed to continue the experiment


Dave May asked about the pub team final. The secretary said that it would have to be played in Dover & Deal as Maidstone were no longer affiliated, which  presented a slight problem as he would be a guest TW player. It was agreed it should be home/away point per leg/aggregate score. A toss took place and Medway were allotted the first home game. Matches to be completed by mid October.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting;

Next A.G.M or TBA if circumstances necessitating one arose


The Vice Chairman closed the meeting at 2155hrs.