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Minutes of KBBA A.G.M. 2008

at the Janie Macoy's, Maidstone on  9th  September 2007.


The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 2010hrs.


Present;              President                                Janie Macoy (Tunbridge Wells)

                      Chairman                                 David May (Medway)

                      Secretary                                Chris Saville (D & D)


Maidstone;                Not currently affiliated        

Tunbridge Wells;          Marion Wraight, Brian Stevens, Brian Mason, Jean Mason

Medway;                   Jackie Peckham, Gerry Peckham.

Dover & Deal;             Ann Keen.


The Secretary advised the meeting of the voting procedure of three votes per league.


Apologies For Absence;

Di Welburn (Treasurer), Peter Sainsbury, Martin Russell, Vinnie Mitchell, Gerry Fitzjohn (Delhi Belly),  Garry Speller (Vice Chair), Craig Carlson


Minutes of Previous A.G.M. 9th September 2007 at Janie Macoy's, Maidstone.

The minutes had been circulated in advance but the secretary furnished a copy to those people who required one. After a suitable pause it was proposed by Jackie Peckham and seconded by Gerry Peckham that they be accepted. – carried unanimously.


Matters Arising;

There were none



There was none,


President’s Address;

Janie Macoy thanked everyone for coming. She thanked Chris Saville for his continuing hard work as secretary. She also added that it was very disappointing to hear that the Chairman and Secretary were both stepping down after many years, thanking them for their efforts. She hoped that officers could be found to continue the association.. She wished Dave May  a happy and successful time in his move to Romania.


Secretary’s Report (as dictated);


Good evening this is the Secretary’s report for 2007-08.

Nationally,  once again, all of this is almost a year old now due to the current playing AEBBA format. Open Intercounties we were relegated from division 1.  No one excelled on the day, the best anyone winning was two out of four. We needed to beat Hampshire 5 – 2 in the last to survive, but could only manage 4 – 3. The ‘B’ team similarly came bottom of division 3, with Curt Diver winning four out of six. The ladies consolidated their promotion last year with third place in division one, winning two out of three matches, Janie Macoy and Ann Keen winning two out of three matches. Once again, in the open, it was a question of getting those players who were willing to give their time for Kent rather than those who were top of the rankings.

Individuals were a blank year. AEBBA open singles, Mark Brewster was second in his group to Kevin Tunstall who he lost narrowly to in his final group match.. Jackie represented KBBA in her group, but did not qualify. The Tunbirge Wells team (Greyhound??) did not qualify in the NBBA Pub Team. In the opens Curt Driver made the final at Portsmouth and JJ Adley won the plate at Bucks, a bleak year again.

The ‘A’ interleague was won by Dover and Deal,. Medway continued their good run of late by winning the ‘B’ and the Ladies Interleague. Curt Driver played superbly in the ‘B’ with a lowest score of almost 9k  The knock outs day was poorly supported this year, I’ve just realised I have not done a write-up on it and will need to find the sheets. The loss caused by this event meant that the interleagues lost money for the first time.

The KBBA web page has continued to be the principal source for info on all matters and entry forms, saving me a massive amount of work posting forms, most of which are a waste of printing. Once again, because of this, there are no Secretary’s expenses this year.

I gave notice of my intention to cease as secretary last year. I have devoted an enormous amount of time running bar billiards in this county and locally for a number of years. The office needs someone with fresh ideas and fresh enthusiasm. I hope that person is to be found and I will assist and advise where required for the first year.

The trailer and tables project has been a bitter disappointment to me. The tables were widely acknowledged as being better than the national set. The two hires per year they I have been restricted to due to the stance of the other consortium have not covered costs this last two years. I would have had to increase charges to close on the Daniels hire rates to cover the money I’ve been losing. Doing that would mean little point in keeping eight tables at my place all year. I was taking a long hard look at the future of the set when the news broke that Bar Billiards Ltd were ceasing trading. That news meant that Dover & Deal had to dispose of the trailer which they owned to finance table purchase. That would have meant me spending another £1k for no return to buy the trailer. Sadly I had but one choice.

Dover & Deal and Tunbridge Wells now operate their own tables. D&D expect to be financially independent in two years. After that there will be a healthy surplus in our budget and we could look once again at the table situation if a joint project were considered.

The Betteshanger Club has proved to be a fine venue for the interleagues and was free of charge. The venue would still be available next year, possibly free, if the interleagues continue.

Finally, the association has major decisions, both constitutionally and financially, to make on its future tonight and I wish you all well.


Treasurers Report;

The Secretary reported that work commitments had prevented the Treasurer from attending this evening and had furnished the secretary with a copy of the accounts.  The Secretary informed the meeting that the present total balance was approximately £310 a fall of £80 on the previous balance, largely caused the £53 loss on the interleagues. We could survive another year on this budgeting, but what have to re-examine finances after if losses continued. It was proposed that the accounts be accepted, seconded by Ann Keen an passed unanimously.



There were none.


Election of Officers;

The Chairman and secretary confirmed they were standing down. All other officers had offered to stand.

Secretary, the secretary had circulated a job description, though the TW reps present had not seen it. TW nominated Martin Leach though he was concerned about the workload, Medway said Gerry Fitzjohn had volunteered, provided Chris Saville was prepared to help in the first year. It was proposed by Brian Stevens that Gerry Fitzjohn take over, this was seconded by Jackie Peckham and passed unanimously.

Chairman, the Chairman confirmed his resignation. The meeting then considered who would be suitable to take over as a responsible and sober Chairman, but being devoid of ideas came up with Vinnie Mitchell who had volunteered. It was proposed by Brian Stevens and seconded by Gerry Peckham that he be elected. This was passed unanimously.

It was proposed by Brian Stevens and seconded by Janie Macoy that the rest of the officers be voted in en-bloc. It was passed unanimously that Garry Speller continue as vice chair and Di Welburn as treasurer.


Chris Saville would act as secretary for the remainder of the meeting and Dave May would act as Chairman.


Secretary’s Honorarium;

The Secretary did not withdraw, pointing out  that he was happy that the current honorarium should not be increased due to finances, but expressed concern that it should not be reduced this year for an incoming secretary. The chairman agreed with this assessment pointing out that it was retrospective, so no change was made, proposed  Gerry Peckham and seconded Janie Macoy, passed unanimously,.


Life Vice Presidents;

The secretary informed the meeting of the current LVP's and said that this honorary award was given to people who had made an outstanding contribution to KBBA or had left office recently. He suggested that this situation applied to the Chairman.  He proposed that he be accorded the rank and privileges of Life Vice Presidents of the association,. This was seconded by Brian Stevens and passed unanimously.


AEBBA Affiliation;

It was proposed by Jackie Peckham and seconded by Brian Stevens that we remain affiliated, subject to there not being a large increase, this was carried unanimously. It appeared that the affiliation fees had not been paid by KBBA the previous year. Chris Saville said that it was likely he had paid them himself and forgotten to claim them. he would check this at Reading. Janie Macoy raised the question on KBBA paying entry fees at Reading, she had paid some last year, Chris Saville said he had also, but had left it. The meeting agreed that the association could no longer afford this gesture and that players should pay their own entry fee in future.


AEBBA Inter County Selection.


1)          Open, Chris Saville reported that once again he was having trouble selecting the teams. Mark Brewster, Chris Saville, Doug Phillips, Peter Sainsbury and Derek Latham had accepted as the five high ranking players. Curt Driver and Gerry FitzJohn had been elected as the two best wildcards with John Addley as reserve.


2)          Ladies, the secretary said that the three automatic places had gone to the first three on the list, Jackie Peckham, Janie Macoy and Jean Baker. Ann Keen and Karen Keen had been elected as the best wildcards


3)          Open ‘B’ Side; Chris Saville reported that he had failed to get votes from TW or Medway for team selection for over three weeks, as such the team had not been finalised. The leagues would let Chris know ASAP.


KBBA Competitions.



Chris Saville outlined the financial situation with a bill for £420 being faced for table hire instead of £250, now that KBBA would have to hire tables. We would also have to take what was available on weekends and that the normal Spring Bank Holiday weekend was already booked. Any league hosting would also have to consider hall costs, currently free at Deal. Inteleague fees would have to be radically increased. The Kent Knock-Outs Day could not be hosted unless a Bank Holiday weekend was used. This day had lost substantially last year due to poor attendance. If the event was moved from Deal he thought it unlikely Dover and Deal would get more than one team in any competition any other league would need to budget for this.


Much discussion followed.


Brian Stevens suggested going to a home / away format. There was general agreement that this would not work over commitments and difficulties that caused this format to be dropped in the old interleague 'League' competition (AKA Mickey Mouse colloquially).


Tunbridge Wells had also suggested running it instead of the Tunbridge Wells Masters in the day before the classic, this would involve ten tables. Costing this option with hall charges was little cheaper than using Betteshanger Club.


Other ideas were outlined but none were financially viable.


It was then agreed that the only option was the Betteshanger Club. Chris Saville said that he would play there again to get the resultant free access to the hall if that helped the association.


Chris Saville said that interleague fees would have to be radically increased to £40 for an open/'B' team and £30 for a Ladies. Leagues agreed that they would try and get their own players to contribute.He would do what he could to get the same number of teams from Dover and Deal


It was proposed by Jackie Peckham and seconded by Brian Stevens that the interleagues be held at the Betteshanger Club on 21st ('A' and Ladies)/22nd ('B') March 2009. The Kent Knock-Outs Day will be dropped. This was passed unanimously.


Tunbridge Wells would continue to run the Classic whenever they decided.


Any Other Business;

Marion Wraight asked Ann Keen if she had the Lady's runner up trophy, Ann said she would investigate.


Brian Stevens gave his thanks to Dave May and Chris Saville for their work.


Chris Saville said that affiliation fees were normally set at this point. It was proposed by Marion Wraight and seconded by Janie Macoy that they be raised to £3 per team, this was passed unanimously.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting;

Next A.G.M or committee meeting TBA if circumstances necessitating one arose


The Acting Chairman closed the meeting at 2225hrs.