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17th October 2002

AEBBA are going to try to move the AEBBA Open Singles Finals forward to April in 2003 not 2004. We need to be in a position to react to this. I have moved the proposed January draw meeting forward to Thursday December 12th at the Towns Club. The KBBA Open Singles can be drawn at that meeting. We should be ok provided no more than 16 enter (when was the last time we had 8??). I will add the exact intended date of the finals as soon as I hear from the AEBBA Secretary.
Interleagues; I am sorry to say there has been a mix-up at the Alma. The hall has been double booked for the 'B' weekend. The other booking is a wedding, so I think we should rearrange. I have booked tables for March 15th/16th, the only weekend available. Please let me know immediately if this causes a major problem to any league. My apologies.
Tunbridge Wells are trying to resurrect the Kent Classic weekend, I will let you have more info when available.