Minutes of Kent Bar Billiards Association

Held at the Towns Club Sittingbourne, on Thursday 4th July 2002.


Those present; Garry Speller (Vice Chairman), Peter Mercer (Treasurer), Chris Saville (Secretary),  Janie Macoy (TW), Di Welburn (My) & Ann Keen (D&D). Jackie Pecham (My), Jerry Peckham (My) & Tony Earl (My) joined at 2030hrs.


The Vice Chairman opened the meeting at 20:15hrs.


Apologies; Steve Kendall (Md), Dave Howarth (D&D) & Gill Saville (D&D).


Minutes of Previous Meeting; The Secretary apologised for not circulating the minutes of the January meeting. The Secretary read the minutes of the meeting held at the Towns Club on January 17th 2002. The secretary informed the meeting that the 28th March meeting had been cancelled and dispensations for the ‘B’ interleague agreed by email.


Matters Arising; Janie Macoy complained that she had not known about entries for the KBBA knock outs day. The Secretary said that both she, the TW Secretary and TW Assistant Secretary and the Maidstone Secretary had all received emails re the entries, so this was not a KBBA problem. Di Welburn asked whether anything had been done to organise a D&D verses Medway playoff for the ladies Interleague. Secretary replied that nothing had been done. It was agreed that both leagues would talk to their lady players with a view to organising an evening in September. The Secretary reported that the Certificates for KBBA representation had been presented. Janie Macoy said that she had not had hers, the Secretary said that he would look for it. A letter of thanks to go to Steve Purkiss for producing such excellent certificates.


Secretary’s Report;  The Secretary informed the meeting of the resignation of the Chairman, Steve Purkiss. Garry Speller asked if this had been accepted, the Secretary informed the meeting that the Chairman’s decision was irreversible. The rest of the Medway reps joined at this point. The Secretary had no other business that would not be covered in other parts of the agenda.


Treasurer’s Report; The Treasurer reported that there was £89.82 in the current account and £149.72 in the deposit account, cheques to the value of approx £250 had yet to be banked. The Treasurer reported that it was not worth keeping two separate accounts for the little interest involved. Tony Earl asked about an internet account, the treasurer replied that these were for personal use only. Jackie Peckham asked about the state of the accounts. Peter Mercer replied that he had not had time to finalise them, he had been too busy, but that now he had left work, he hoped to bring them up to date. Peter Mercer added that he would be resigning as he could not devote the time needed to the post. Much discussion followed on the need for an up to date handover. The Chairman asked Peter to get an accurate as possible up to date figure to hand over to the new Treasurer as soon as possible, definitely before the AGM.


KBBA Competitions; The Secretary said that he was obliged by the constitution to introduce the Inter Area 5 a side at this time of year. After discussion Jackie Peckham proposed and Di Welburn seconded that KBBA abandon it for this year, this was carried unanimously. The Secretary gave the ‘B’ interleague trophy to Medway and the labels and badges for the extra medals presented at the knockouts day to Medway players.

AEBBA Business;


SCBBA; The association appears to be defunct. Janie Macoy informed the meeting of the current SCBBA officers. It was agreed that the Secretary should write to the Chairman, with copies to the other County Secetaries, requesting that the association be wound up and the assets divided.


Kent Bar Billiards AGM:

v     Interleagues,  the Secretary would request tenders for holding these to be submitted for the AGM. ‘A’ and Ladies (hopefully) to be played in February and the ‘B’ and knockouts day in April. The Secretary to ascertain suitable weekends for tables from Bar Billiards Ltd. The Interleagues will be allocated at the AGM.

v     Meetings, A draw meeting would be held in January and all competitions fully drawn and allocated at that meeting. If players failed to complete rounds by the specified dates then the rules cater for them to be disqualified.

v     An admin meeting to be held  June/July to review the year and make recommendations for the AGM.

v     All relevant information would be placed on the KBBA Yahoo site and the nominated email contacts notified. (Extra contact needed from Maidstone).

v     The Secretary would update the leagues at regular intervals via email, regarding day to day business.

v     Extra meetings would be held if necessary, either at the Towns Club or via the KBBA chat room.


·        Voting;  It was agreed that the voting remain as present at 3 per league for meetings and 5 per league at the AGM.

·        Proposals; There were no proposals to be submitted by the committee to the AGM. Though it was felt that the AGM should consider writing to AEBBA regarding their decision not to supply runners up trophies at AEBBA competitions for economic reasons.

·        Any Other Business;

v     Di Welburn said that the KBBA ladies Singles Final needed to be allocated. The Chantry, (Canterbury) and the Bell (TW) were considered. The Chantry won the ballot. The match is to be played on or before 12th September. The Secretary said that he would attend and officiate.

v     Di Welburn announced that there would be a Ladies Pairs at Redhill on July 21st. The Secretary was not aware of this and would try and get info.

v     Di Welburn informed the meeting that Jerry Peckham would assume the vacant Medway rep position.

·        Date And Venue of The Next Meeting; The AGM would be the next meeting, Meeting was closed by the Chairman at 2204hrs.