Minutes of Kent Bar Billiards Association

Held at the Towns Club Sittingbourne, on Thursday 5th June 2003.


Those present; Steve Kendall (Vice Chairman), Diana Welburn (Treasurer), Chris Saville (Secretary), Jackie Peckham (My), Dave May (My) & Craig Carlson (D&D), Ann Keen (D&D),


The Vice Chairman opened the meeting at 20:10hrs.


Apologies; Gill Saville (D&D),  Greg Dennis (TW), Gary Speller (Chairman). Jerry Peckham (My), Tony Earl (My), Dave Howarth (D&D), Janie Macoy (TW).

Minutes of Previous Meeting; The  minutes of the meeting held at the Towns Club on Thursday 12th December 2002 were taken as read. Jackie Peckham proposed and Tony Earl seconded that they be accepted as a true record, this was passed unanimously.

Matters Arising; 

Secretary’s Report; 

Treasurer’s Report; 

KBBA Competitions;

A.E.B.B.A. Business;

A.G.M. Business;

SCBBA; The Secretary reported that the association still appeared to be defunct.

  Any Other Business;  

 Date And Venue of The Next Meeting; The next meeting will be the A.G.M. at the Towns Club on Thursday September 4th, emergencies excepted., Meeting was closed by the Vice Chairman at 2145hrs.