Minutes of Kent Bar Billiards Association

Held at the Towns Club Sittingbourne, on Sunday 21st August 2005.


Those present; David May Chairman, Garry Speller (Vice Chairman), Di Welburn, (Treasurer), Chris Saville (Secretary),  Ann Keen (D&D). Jackie Peckham (My), Jerry Peckham (My) & Tony Earl (My)


The Chairman opened the meeting at 20:00hrs.


Apologies; Greg Dennis (TW) & Janie Macoy


Minutes of Previous Meeting; The Secretary pointed out that, much to his surprise, the last committee meeting had been over two years ago and suggested that the minutes be taken as read. The only point of interest being the then proposed reduction in votes at the 2003 AGM from 5 to 3. Proposed by Jackie Peckham and seconded by Gerry Peckham that they be taken as read. This was carried unanimously.


Matters Arising; There were no matters arising.


Secretary’s Report;  The Secretary had no other business that would not be covered in other parts of the agenda.


Treasurer’s Report; The Treasurer reported that the interleagues & KO;s had made a profit of £205.84, half of which had been given to Dover & Deal. There was £110.04 in the current account and £273.36 in the business account. There being no questions, it was proposed by Gerry Peckham & seconded by Garry Speller that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. This was passed unanimously.


KBBA Competitions;

The Secretary reported that there had only been one entrant for the Ladies Singles, Di Welburn, so she would represent Kent at the AEBBA Ladies singles.


The Secretary reported two entrants for the Open Singles, himself and Peter Mercer, but as he was involved he had not made investigations into a suitable Maidstone table. Di Welburn offered to ring the Maidstone Secretary and find a table available on a Thursday night in September. This was agreed.


The Secretary also reported only two entrants for the NBBA Pub Team competition, The Good Intent form Medway and The Kelsey Arms from Tunbridge Wells and that he would be similarly involved.. It was agreed Di Welburn would also find a suitable Maidstone venue for a Thursday in September / October.


AEBBA Business;


SCBBA; The association appears to be defunct. The Secretary reported that the Southern Counties Chairman had not had the courtesy to reply to his emails and that the other county secretaries were in favour of winding it up and sharing the assets. It was agreed that the Secretary should contact the other secretaries at the Intercounties and all hopefully a joint letter be sent to the SCBBA treasurer requesting termination of the account and the assets divided.


Kent Classic; Tunbridge Wells were not present to report on this year’s competition. Medway asked what rates Chris Saville had charged them for tables. He informed them that this year had been a bit of a one-off with Tarratt letting TW down and he had charged £30 per table. Medway then asked if Tunbridge Wells had been awarded the competition on a permanent basis. The secretary informed Medway that KBBA competition venues were discussed at each AGM, but that Tunbridge Wells had done all the work to resurrect the Classic and that, because of the financial uncertainty, TW had been given carte – blanche to run the Classic as they thought fit without any need initially to make any compulsory donation to KBBA of any profit. The Secretary informed Medway that any league had a right to ask to run any KBBA competitions and to submit a tender to run them at the AGM. He also informed the meeting that any budget had to bear in mind that he had told Tunbridge Wells that the hire rates for the seventh & eighth table would be £50 as he would be holding those two tables for the classic alone. Medway also asked if tendering applied for the interleagues now that the tables were cheaper to hire. The secretary said that these would also be allocated at the AGM, but for Medway to remember that he had set out to provide a set of tables for KBBA partly on the basis of the competitions being local to him. KBBA had been charged £200 in total for the two weekends and this was what he needed to cover costs. If the competitions were moved away from Dover & Deal he would not risk other leagues setting up his tables and so any hire would have to also cover transportation costs and/or accommodation costs for the weekend. Any league running the interleagues would also be solely responsible for administration and schedules.


Kent Bar Billiards AGM:

After discussion, the agreed date was Sunday 18th September at the Towns Club. It was realised by the Secretary & Chairman later in the evening that this conflicted with the Berkshire Open.


The Secretary said he would continue to administer KBBA as the format of reduced meetings was working successfully. All other officers were available for election for the following year. Medway asked regarding the President, the secretary said that this was a lifetime appointment.


Medway asked about feedback from leagues from the previous AGM regarding having the KBBA Open & Ladies singles as a one day tournament of league champions. Dover & Deal had not discussed it. Medway wanted a one day competition for all divisional champions. The treasurer expressed concern as to the cost of this idea. Medway suggested that individual leagues would be expected to foot the cost of table hire etc. The secretary said that all KBBA players could already enter the KBBA individuals and didn’t. Medway were certain that it would encourage entries if champions were subsequently competing to play for Kent. Medway asked that this be included on the agenda as a proposed rule change. The secretary said he would add it to the AGM agenda for discussion.



·        Any Other Business;

v     Garry Speller asked about KBBA meeting more often. The Secretary felt that this was not necessary. The need for extra meetings will be discussed at the AGM.


·        Date And Venue of The Next Meeting; The AGM would be the next meeting, Meeting was closed by the Chairman at 2145hrs.