News 1st December 2002


Hi All,

I have now hosted the Dover and Deal site on
The KBBA info page can be accessed directly on I will be discussing the future of the Yahoo group at the next meeting.
Re the forthcoming KBBA meeting on 12th December, please remember we will need to discuss;
Interleague entries, what teams will be entered by each league. Particularly is there a possibility of running the Ladies Interleague and if so which day is best. I am currently assuming we will be running a normal schedule 'A' Sat 15th Feb, Ladies Sun 16th Feb, 'B' Sat 15th March, Knockouts Sun 16th March. 
KBBA knock-outs day, which competitions to run.
KBBA Open Singles draw.
Please investigate of your league's likely position with respect to interleague teams.
Best Wishes,
Chris Saville.